Back to blogging!

Okay, I admit it. I’ve been totally MIA with my ‘blogging’ – if I could even call my pathetic attempt in 2017 ‘blogging’ at all! 2018 has brought a change-up however, there’s a new name for us ‘Corby Craig Residence’ and I’ve got an all-new, shiny website to start again with my ‘blogging’ attempt!

I’ve already been offered some fantastic opportunities since the new year, so I thought it best to get my butt in gear and actually have a ‘proper’ platform in place, ready for blogging about such opportunities that are to come (I’m aware I’ve said blogging so much now that it sounds funny). Not only that, I still get countless questions about numerous aspects of life including our home, lifestyle and the like and I’ve vowed (to myself) that I must get a collection of blog posts in place to answer the majority of questions I get asked.

I also want to have some fun with this and hopefully give ‘something back’ – I’ve gained so much in terms of inspiration, tips, advice and so on from reading blogs and following like-minded individuals on social media so I hope this blog will have a similar purpose, to either inspire others or help with some advice or tips that I can offer.

Bear with me however, still learning! I hope you enjoy what I’ve got to say – here’s to getting back into it!

Craig 🙂

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