Who are we?

When I say ‘we’, I’m referring to us humans who live at the Corby Craig Residence alongside the pooches, Margot & Hero.

We are Craig & Simon. Just an average couple from Edinburgh, Scotland. We’re the bill-payers at the Corby Craig Residence and funders of the lavish lifestyle our dogs lead. I best add since we’re both male – that I (Craig) am on the left of the photo above and Simon is on the right.

To clarify, Simon doesn’t have much participation in this website/blog or the Instagram page but of course, he is a very major part of the Corby Craig Residence so I can’t not mention him! So when you see any blog or Instagram posts, they are more than likely created and/or posted by me (Craig).

We’ve been together now for the best part of 5yrs and happily engaged. Together, we run a dance company in Edinburgh that Simon started almost 10 years ago called ‘Simon Says Dance’.

Simon is the lead Commercial Dance Teacher of the company and is definitely the more agile of us both. I on the other hand am as agile as an artic lorry and my skills lie with looking after everything else to do with the business (ie. running it!)

Simon’s from a Musical Theatre background, hence his interest in dance. I have a background in Business/HR, which prompted the decision to work together and we’ve never looked back!

Believe it or not, interest in interiors is something we don’t share. I wouldn’t say Simon doesn’t care about it, he just doesn’t bother about it. I on the other hand LOVE interiors and everything about it, which is why the Instagram page @corbycraigresidence came about!

Get to know us a little better, with some random questions inspired by Ross & Ian at Our 1930’s Fixer Upper:

C R A I G :

  1. Star sign? Pisces
  2. Biggest passion(s)? Homes/Interiors & Cars! 
  3. Favourite food? Salt & chilli chips/chicken from the Chinese takeaway! 
  4. Favourite drink? Strawberry Daiquiri if it’s alcoholic..
  5. Favourite smells? Bubblegum is my favourite scent! Or anything strawberry
  6. Favourite movie(s)? Harry Potter OF COURSE
  7. Something interesting about you? I have really good photographic memory..
  8. What’s your favourite TV show right now? Casualty (yep, I’m such a grandpa)
  9. What country would you most like to visit? Bora Bora Island! 
  10. One bad habit? Getting half way through something then starting something else! 

S I M O N :

  1. Star sign? Leo
  2. Biggest passion(s)? Travelling/seeing new places
  3. Favourite food? Nandos, Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations, Nutella
  4. Favourite drink? Edinburgh Gin (Rhubarb!) 
  5. Favourite smells? Hollister or One Million aftershave
  6. Favourite movie(s)? Love Actually 
  7. Something interesting about you? I can lick my elbow..
  8. What’s your favourite TV show right now? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  9. What country would you most like to visit? New Zealand 
  10. One bad habit? Talking during movies/shows/anything (short attention span!) 

There you go! Now you know a little more about us. Thanks for reading.

Craig & Simon x

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