Taylor Wimpey Geddes: What we love about our house type

Note – I don’t know where anything contained in this blog is supplied from – sorry! 

I was recently invited by Taylor Wimpey to come and check out the nearby show-homes they have, more specifically, the show-home of our house type – the Geddes [Ged-dis]. Being the absolute interiors fan that I am, I said yes – mainly to check out some inspo and to see what their designers did with the same space we have. I was also asked to put together my thoughts on what I love about this house-type.

Before I get into it, here’s the background on how we became Geddes home-owners.

The Taylor Wimpey Geddes is a four bedroom house with an absolutely cracking layout that truly stole our heart. You’ll see why when you read on a little further when I show you the floor plans.

On our house hunt back in February 2016, we had never (ever) considered buying a new-build – mainly because we lived in the centre of Edinburgh where they are scarce and in all honesty, thought we could never afford one. After extensive house-hunting, we quickly discovered that we couldn’t even afford a ‘pre-owned’ house.

We were set on buying a house together but the options were few and far between – and everything was massively over budget. It became apparent that the dream of buying a house together was due to remain exactly that, a dream.

We had to go back to the drawing board and started by widening our search and specific criteria for our prospective home. The biggest edit to our search was the location – since we could both drive, we accepted that it wasn’t too much of an issue moving around 5-10 miles outside the desired ‘circle’ – who knew this would become the best decision we ever made.

By doing this, searches returned lots of new-build homes that were quite literally, popping up, on the out-skirts of Edinburgh. Long story short, I had arranged a viewing for a 3-bed townhouse (3 years old) on the same estate as we live now – loved it, then decided I’d be nosey on the way out and drop into the sales office that was still on the site, simply to see what the prices were like for something new. 

I don’t know, maybe I’m overly superficial but there was just something so appealing about buying new – everything fresh, sparkly, NEW. I also loved the idea that if we bought new, we’d be the first people to live there – is that weird? Probably, but that’s me all over!

Fast forward 10 months to December 2016, we moved into the final plot to be sold on the estate – our very own Taylor Wimpey GeddesWhat a journey it’s been and to date, we’re still creating a home out of our new-build – decorating and making it our own. It’s no secret that it won’t be our forever home but it’s certainly our ‘for now and the near future’ home and for that, it fits the bill perfectly.

So, I mentioned those all-important floor plans above, which in my eyes truly make the Geddes so appealing – here they are:

Ground FloorFirst Floor

Our love for the Geddes stems from it’s logical floor plan. We soon realised that some new-build home have strange interior floor plans (in our eyes) especially on the ground floor. Something that really bugged us was the dining-room in some house types were situated at the front of the house, away from the kitchen. We couldn’t understand it and preferred the Geddes ground floor plan specifically because the rooms flowed really well – from the lounge, into the dining-room, into the kitchen with separate access through the hallway if needed.

To show you these rooms in a bit more detail, I’m using the ever so swish show-home photos I captured on my visit to Taylor Wimpey – so you can get an idea of the space and also see how the designers they use, style the space in comparison to ours which you’ve all seen a gazillion times! I should mention here that the show-home is stunning – and the read is worth getting to the lovely photos of it!

In the Taylor Wimpey Geddes show-home at Kingseat, Dunfermline (location detailed at the foot of this post) the design was a stunning mix of classy modern furniture and furnishings, with a modern and trendy twist – the colour palette through-out is a gorgeous mix of blues, taupes, grieges and off-whites. It left me wanting to change our whole house!


As above, the downstairs of the Geddes is a massive plus for us. Although not open-plan as such, glazed doors and ample natural lighting through well-positioned windows give the impression of a spacious, open-plan home – which is all down to the sensible layout on the ground floor. I love how the lounge leads into the dining-room through glazed doors (like in our own home) as these doors can be left open to provide an open-plan feel, or shut off to create a cosy living-room space. Best of both worlds in my eyes.

Here’s the lounge, which is pretty much rectangular shape, but still enough room to fit a 3-seater & 2-seater sofa, as well as an occasional chair:


Isn’t that chevron wallpaper just stunning?! The pops of blues and gold in this space really made it feel so luxurious. As you all know, I’m a massive fan of brass and gold – and my favourite colour is navy, so this lounge set-up is a WIN. With that being said, the space is super practical – so you could play around with pretty much any furniture layout! For those practically minded – the lounge measures out at around: 3.16m x 5.35m.

From the photos above, you can see what I mean about the glazed doors that lead into the dining-room. We have them and we’re so glad we bought them as an optional extra. Opened or closed, the space works so well as either cosy-living or an entertainment hub!

The dining-room measures out at around 3.16m x 2.82m – it’s not huge but we have a six seater rectangular table in ours! After seeing Taylor Wimpey use this round table however, I think I now want one myself – not only because it’s gaaaaargeous, but mainly because it allows a little more space to move around the room. I also think of a round table as being a little more social – thinking of weddings – that’s where I get that idea!


I love how the designers have made everything surrounding the table (like carpet, wall coverings and paint) all neutral and light, then added a pop of colour through the deep blue chairs, and I definitely want a round table now.

Moving through to the breakfast area, you can see below that the designers have adopted a similar approach to ours, adding a breakfast bar instead of a small table – maximising the space to be able to get in and out of the patio doors which make the space feel so open and spacious, due to copious amounts of natural light flooding in.


One thing I didn’t think of however is how I could’ve doubled up our breakfast bar, as a mini-bar! Just like they’ve done here, with the rustic (dreamy!) wine rack and ice bucket! I like their style (literally).

The breakfast area lies at the foot of the kitchen space (in the same room). The total kitchen space measures out at around 4.96m x 2.80m making it the perfect size for families! You could go one step further and maximise the space even more by knocking down the wall between breakfast bar and dining room (photographed above) to create a full-blown open-plan living space for the dining-room and kitchen area. Although this is something you’d need to do after purchase, it’s something you can do! We’ve decided not to do it, mainly because we like to eat separately from the mess we make whilst cooking!


The space is really practical and I have to admit, we can’t fault our kitchen one little bit in terms of practicality. We upgraded our kitchen to the highest spec we could which afforded us nifty storage compartment set-ups, including the pull-out larder! All the heart eyes up in here. 

You’ll notice that there’s no utility room on the Geddes floor plan – which is a shame but luckily, there’s some HUGE storage cupboards that you can make into swish little boutique laundrettes! We only use a washing machine, which is integrated in the kitchen and our large storage cupboard in the kitchen is used for Hero’s house, as most of you will probably know! (Hero is our dog if you don’t!) 

My favourite part about the Geddes kitchen, is the window that sits right at the kitchen sink. It’s such a nice little luxury to be able to look out into the garden whilst doing the dishes – it’s almost like a little fairy-tale set-up.


Next up – prepare yourself for one of the biggest WCs you may ever see in a new-build..


Yup – the downstairs WC is mahoosive! The spaciousness is obviously helped by yet another well-positioned window but in general, there’s room to swing whatever the hell you want in here! I have to admit, I love having it as it’s extremely convenient and always ‘wows’ any guests who come to visit us. The downstairs WC measures out at around 2.54m x 1.14m.

The rooms all mentioned above are linked together by the hallway – you can do a full circle through the rooms, via the hallway – which again makes the space in-all, fantastically practical! My favourite part about the hallway is the view you get when you open the front door – right to the patio doors and garden at the rear..


Tell me I’m not alone when I say that I adore this wallpaper the designers have used on the stairway!? Wowzers it’s beaut! Anyway – you can understand why I love this space so much. In our house we have a console table, mainly because it stores things like the dog lead, poo bags etc. – y’know, all the glamorous things in life! If I could have the space open like this however, I would in a heartbeat!

Now, it’s time for major inspiration. We’re moving upstairs, where there is a bathroom and 4 double bedrooms – master complete with ensuite and beds 2 & 3 complete with a jack ‘n’ jill ensuite.

Here’s the upstairs landing (which is huge!) – I do my ironing here as it’s so light and spacious – LOL, did I actually just say that?!


All rooms lead from the upstairs landing, so here we are – starting with the Master suite:


The master bedroom measures out at around 3.78m x 3.98m and comfortably holds a King sized bed. It’s a beautiful space, with handy storage and of course the double-shower ensuite. Taylor Wimpey will be held completely responsible when I break the bank to buy a statement fabric feature wall/headboard, just like this one! The mix of patterned fabrics and the deep blues again, make me want to change everything in my house! It’s dreaaaamy. 


It’s true what they say (whoever ‘they’ are) – lighting really does make the world of difference. The lighting used for the bedsides here makes the space feel like a luxury hotel – not only this, the fact they’re suspended from the ceiling means that they’re uber-practical – as zero bedside table space is being used up for any table lamps! It means you can go mad with other decorative pieces to clutter the bedsides with instead – major win (for me!) – definitely stealing this idea!

Again, as previously mentioned, the Geddes benefits from windows in every room – literally! Even the ensuites get one. For me, an ensuite is a luxury I thought I’d never have – so the fact that we’re lucky enough to have one that’s so big – and light – is amazing.


On the opposite side of the Master suite, you have the (over-stairs) alcove which can be used (like in our case) for a TV, or you can go completely contemporary and decorate the space with a mirror and trinkets etc. Either way, it’s practical and a great use of the space on offer.

Bedroom 2 measures out at around 4.39m x 2.88m and on paper, seems bigger than the Master – it actually is (in person) but it works as a fantastic guest bedroom in our home and no doubt a teenager’s bedroom in a family home. I absolutely fell in love with this room in the show-home, sure you guys will love it too..


I have to give it to those who designed this space, as they did it oh so well. The colour palette in here was something I hadn’t seen before but at the same time, was majorly on-trend and cool.


Bedroom 2 benefits from two windows – which creates a truly light and open space. You could paint this room black and it would still feel huge. It also features the very cool jack ‘n’ jill ensuite shower room. Again, much like the master, it stands in good stead for practicality. You can see from the floor plan that this is adjacent to the Master, so has the mirrored storage traits like the alcove and wardrobe area – considering this and the ensuite it has, it makes for a great guest bedroom.


Isn’t it looovely? Like ‘take my money’ lovely! I need that darn patterned cushion on that bed! NEED! 

Bedroom 3 is another double, measuring out at around 2.65m x 3.48m. It’s a lovely space as a bedroom but in our house, it’s the dressing room – since we have no sprogs to claim the room as their own:


As above, Bedroom 2 & 3 are linked together via the jack ‘n’ jill ensuite (which locks on both sides of course!). Here’s some shots of it – a gorgeously subtle coastal theme and colour palette:



There’s a single shower hidden on the opposite side of the ensuite – but again, in terms of family life and practicality – you cannot go wrong with a jack ‘n’ jill ensuite! Whenever someone sees our floor plan, they always point it out for being a unique selling point.

Now for the bedroom that I think you’ll all adore. Bedroom 4, measuring out at around 3.19m x 2.89m, is the fourth and final double bedroom on offer in the Geddes. In my opinion, it’s my favourite room in the show-home I visited.


Yup. Gorgeous. I knowwww! Who would’ve thought that pairing two clashing patterns could work so bloody well! Certainly not me, but I’m taking tips. The colour palette in here is bang on trend and oozes sophistication – I want this room, in my house, now. Here’s some close ups:


Again, this is a really good-sized room, with a double bed and still enough room for some small furniture. In our Geddes, we use Bedroom 4 as the office – mainly because it’s our best use of the space! Hopefully I’ll be revealing our office transformation before long, keep your eyes peeled for that.

Ps. Sophie at @wallpapersales has informed me this wallpaper is ROMO – which she supplies! Don’t all go mad for it, I want it! 

Last but not least, is the main bathroom – a very good space and the perfect getaway if you want a nice relaxing soak:


I’d love to do what the designers have done here and put a large wall-sized mirror on each side of the room – it looks amazing here and makes the bathroom seem a lot bigger than it is (and it’s generously sized in the first place!).

There’s so many things we truly love about our house-type – that’s why we bought it after-all. Although we don’t have a family (yet) – it works as a practical house for our needs. With the space on offer, I have absolutely no doubt that it would work equally well for a growing family.

I should also mention at this point that we had a fantastic buying journey with Taylor Wimpey (and I ain’t being endorsed to say this!). Bearing in mind, nothing goes to plan with house-building so of course there were hiccups along the way – but it’s the way they handled everything so smoothly which made our new-build buying experience so enjoyable! That’s our own experience anyway – and I can’t fault it.

IMG_8264.JPGFor anyone wondering, the Geddes house-type is what it’s called in Central Scotland – but may differ (including floor plan) in other developments down South, if you’re looking for it.

The show-home in the photos above is located in Kingseat. The address is: Off Kingseat Road, Dunfermline, Kingseat, Fife KY12 0UN. Is definitely worth the visit!

For anyone reading in Central Scotland – find Geddes properties for sale here:

Edinburgh (Penicuik)https://www.taylorwimpey.co.uk/find-your-home/scotland/midlothian/penicuik/greenlaw-mill

Fife (Kingseat)https://www.taylorwimpey.co.uk/find-your-home/scotland/fife/kingseat/taylor-wimpey-at-kingseat 

Or further afield, visit: http://www.taylorwimpey.co.uk


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  1. Hi Craig, I also love my TW Geddes, we were lucky enough to buy the show house in Masterton Dunfermline and all they removed was the fire extinguisher! I think their interior design is the best of all the new builders we looked at. Did you view ours? Regards Barbara

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