Ad | Go faux: Introducing green into your home this Spring with Homesense

AD – this is a blog post created in collaboration with Homesense UKIE. All views and opinions are my own.

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I like to think of myself as a home-maker – someone who is able to do ALL things home, interior and garden related with ease – however, I’ve come to realise that 1) I’m not superhuman and 2) I’m not entirely green-fingered – albeit learning!

I’m time-bound in general life – as we all are – but I love Spring and the way that the world around us starts to evolve into bright green as Spring slowly makes itself known.

There’s something so lovely, so refreshing, so wonderful about seeing hedges and flowers start to bloom, grass starting to revive and the birds singing their hearts out as the sun starts to shine. Spring makes me feel motivated and it’s something I always like to try and incorporate into my home in some way.

So how do you introduce Spring into your home when you’re not necessarily green-fingered – or time-rich enough to grow your own greenery successfully? Well, that’s the question I often ask myself, until I realised the wonderful world of faux. When I say faux, I’m speaking specifically about faux plants, flowers and the like.

Homesense – part of the TK MAXX Family – offers home and interior finds and brands, always up to 60% off normal retail prices. I was asked by the Homesense team to come visit the all-new store at The Centre, Livingston, and was delighted to oblige and go have a peek – ‘cause I’m a fully pledged and very experienced #TreasureSeeker! [guilty as charged.. 👀]

[All-new Homesense Livingston Store]

You’ll find that when you go into your local Homesense store – especially at this time of year – that you’ll have a section dedicated to faux flowery goodness..

[All-new Homesense Livingston Store]

It’s a section that makes faux-pas gardeners [pun intended] smile with glee as it’s pretty much the sure-fire way of introducing green into your home without the fear of it dying off within a few days! The great thing is, they’ll last for years and years – making faux flowery and plants a wise investment for reusable spring/summer decor year-on-year.

[All-new Homesense Livingston Store]

I think we all have some form of faux flowery in our homes, whether it be orchids, eucalyptus, peonies, hydrangeas or the like – faux is something we introduce into our homes to add both depth, interest and colour to a room.

It’s diverse too, depending on your mood. You can transport faux flowery from room to room, depending on your interior vibe at the time – making it adaptable for your home and style.

Personally, I love vibrant greens – in my mind, it epitomises all that is Spring/Summer and although cliche, it makes me think of long summer nights and in general, happy vibes & thoughts.

I managed to pick up some gorgeous faux greenery at the all-new Homesense Livingston Store – here’s how I’ve incorporated my faux-finds into my home:

My kitchen is painted a lovely shade of sage [in my humble opinion!] by the wonderful paint-creators at Decorating Centre Online. As this is already a subtle shade of green, introducing vibrant greens in the form of these versatile white-ceramic-potted faux topiaries makes them pop out even more against the soft tones of the room.

I’ve placed them on the window-sill here to create an almost outdoors-indoors effect as you look out the kitchen window into the garden – which I really love – but I also love them on the dining table as a centre-piece as seen above & below.

At £7.99 each, I was really chuffed with these, as I’ll no doubt use them throughout the house over the years.

At Homesense, tt’s not just about little faux plants and flowers – faux also extends to full-blown trees too..

I had been eyeing up this gorgeous faux olive tree for a few weeks now and decided to take the plunge and get it for somewhere in the house. I didn’t know where exactly I’d put it in the house when it went in the trolley, but I had faith!

I think it fits perfectly here in the dining room, adding a little Spring colour to what was a predominantly beige room.

At £34.99, I feel it adds personality to the room and again, introduces a subtle feeling of outdoors-indoors at a relatively small cost. I picked up the little stone pot for the tree to sit in [which fits perfectly!] again from Homesense Livingston, £5.99. I feel that this faux tree will no doubt move around the house wherever my mood takes me as I think it fits well with the general vibe of my home – you’ll no doubt see the olive tree [and the toparies!] move around the house in my insta posts!

Faux flowery and plants don’t have to exist solely indoors – you can introduce faux to outdoor spaces too..

I picked up this lovely boxus-style topiary tree at £49.99 from the Homesense Livingston store and I’ve placed it on our porch, which is a covered area. I love having a little ‘kerb-appeal’ so when I spotted this, I thought it would help to add a little character and ‘life’ to our front porch.

I struggled with ‘real’ plants in this area, as it never gets any direct sunlight meaning real plants often died within a month or two. I decided going ‘faux’ would be an ideal solution for ensuring our porch has the intended kerb-appeal, for longer. Great thing is, the topiary tree is UV protected – so if I choose to move it into sunlight, I can rely on the fact that it won’t fade quickly like some other products do. I’ve finished the faux topiary off in a planter filled with heavy rocks/soil to weigh it down, then decorated with a layer of stones on top [for nice-ness!].

Home-lovers LOVE Homesense. If you follow my page closely, you should know by now that I’m categorically obsessed with Homesense [and have spent a considerable fortune in the place!] – so having the opportunity to work with the brand is amazing and I’m so chuffed.

Ps. That’s actually ME in the candid shopper-outside-of-store photo – the official photographer on duty for the opening caught me walking out with my bags and asked if I’d be happy to have my photo taken, who was I to decline?! 🤣🤪 one for the memory-book! 🙈

I had a wonderful time visiting the all-new Livingston Store [thank you to Homesense HQ for allowing me to visit before opening!] – here’s a few of my fave finds from my visit:

[Statement brass lamps – £39.99 – they were HUGE! The store has a lovvvvely lighting section]

[Bargain Tan Armchair – £179.99! Lots of really nice large furniture pieces, including sofas]

[Taupe Occasional Chair with Gold Legs – all the heart eyes! £159.99]

[Various industrial-style storage/quirky pieces – bang on trend!]

All photos/purchases are from the all-new Homesense Livingston Store

You can find your local Homesense store on this link:

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AD – this is a blog post created in collaboration with Homesense UKIE. All views and opinions are my own.

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