Ad | Top Style Tips: Creating a country hotel interior vibe with Dalmahoy House & Country Club

AD – this is a blog post created in collaboration with Dalmahoy House Hotel & Country Club.

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If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know how much I love country interiors, country style and in general, the whole country manor vibe – so when Dalmahoy House Hotel & Country Club reached out and asked if I’d like to come and see their newly refurbished suites, I of course said YES! Together with the Dalmahoy, I’ve included below some of my top tips for recreating a country hotel vibe, at home.

THE epitome of country house chic, Dalmahoy House & Country Club’s new look is a reimagining of traditional Scottish style. Scottish interior designer Liz McNeil at 10Design has recently overseen an upgrade of 208 of the hotel’s bedrooms which combines modernity and comfort with nods to the building’s history and heritage.

The modern-country interior vibe is no longer reserved for just country manors, estates and farmhouses, oh no! Modern-country style suits both new and traditional homes, both in town and in the country – making it a popular and adaptable style to introduce into any home. Embracing layered comfort and kick-your-shoes off style, modern-country is a warm and welcoming alternative to modern minimalist style – but no less chic.

Here’s my top style tips on getting the Dalmahoy hotel room look in your own home:

Embrace New Neutrals

Whilst traditional country style was once quite a heavy look with reds and greens on the walls, the Dalmahoy look is fresher and lighter thanks to the use of greys and beige, including Dulux Beachcomber, Ancient Sandstone and Khaki Mist as a new neutral foil for the scheme. I’ve embraced neutrals myself in my own home – including the soft beige in our lounge and muted country green in our kitchen, both bringing an element of warmth, whilst in our home office we’ve gone for a lovely pale blue. Neutral colours form a calming backdrop to which you can add pattern and texture through other materials.

Perfect Your Proportions

With high ceilings and large rooms, Dalmahoy’s spaces lend themselves to period pieces and oversized furniture designed to fit the space. Consider the space you’re in and scale your pieces accordingly – they can still have the same look and feel, but size is everything if you want your space to flow as well as a hotel room. Remember it has to be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing! 

Mix – Don’t Match

A juxtaposition of different pieces from different eras or combining different references is essential for the ‘undecorated’ yet decorated country look. The key is to have one or two tonal threads running through the room to pull everything together. I love the use of paisley-backed chairs, floral cushions, checks and sylvan wallpaper (by Zimmer & Rhode) in the Dalmahoy’s newly refurbished suites. In our own home, we’ve used a soft check Wallpaper from WallpaperSales called Harlequin ‘Inga’ in the lounge, which I feel adds that much-needed warmth and country-like sophistication to our new-build.

Repurpose Antiques

Antique or reclaimed pieces add patina and soul to a room – which is very important when making a nod to traditional Scottish country style. Traditional wooden furniture can be given a modern feel with a glass top or coat of vibrant paint that updates its traditional form – up-cycling really is the in-thing right now for creating interestingly unique furniture pieces, so get your DIY game on! Alternatively, scour vintage shops (or even charity shops – it’s amazing what you can find!) for one-off items that tell a story or give a room a sense of place. This can be a quirky lamp, antique portrait or even a fancy candelabra – anything vintage is great for creating an authentic country look.

Add Textural Touches

A clever combination of materials and finishes is essential for a sumptuous hotel feel. It could be tiny touches such as studded detailing on a chair or buttons on an upholstered headboard; a velvet smothered wingback and swathes of textured wallpaper or a carefully coordinated clash of a tartan mohair throw with checked flat-weave carpet. The more textural touch points the better. At Dalmahoy, Hypnos mattress beds ensure sink-into-me style, but the linen is just as important. Always opt for 100% cotton and a minimum of 200 thread count bedding that feels as good as it looks. If you’re not so keen on adding pattern to the walls, floor or furniture, you could always add pattern through your linen choice – this way you can mix things up whenever you feel like it.

I was lucky enough to visit the Dalmahoy recently and have the first look at the newly refurbished suites, which make for a beautiful relaxing getaway just outside Edinburgh. If you’re interested in having a look at the suites in more detail, visit:

With huge thanks to the Dalmahoy for having me.

Thanks for reading!


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