Ad | Using Quick-Step Laminate at Corby Craig

AD – This blog post contains PR Product from Quickstep Floors – all views and opinions are my own

Flooring is a huge choice to make under any circumstance – getting it right can be make a huge difference to achieving a room that you love, or a room that you hate.

When it came to completing our renovations of the downstairs at Corby Craig, I was met with making the choice of a hard-wearing yet beautiful looking floor choice to suit our lifestyle. If you don’t know me well, you won’t know that when it comes to making any sort of decision, I’m a nightmare! I’m the type of person that can easily stand for 20-30 minutes in the card aisle at the supermarket, searching for the perfect birthday card. I know, call me pedantic!

After researching different laminate options, Quick-Step products stood out to me most – mainly due to their beautiful range of laminates. I’m someone who’s usually swayed by the appearance of something however that being said, I will always do my due diligence to understand if a product is both pretty and practical. When I discovered that Quick-Step’s Laminates were both water and scratch resistant, I knew their range was the perfect option for our lifestyle and home.

Impressive Laminate – Quick-Step Floors

I was on the hunt for a specific shade of laminate – I wanted something light in tone, with a ‘real’ wood look about it – something with a soft and slightly rustic wood grain effect. When I saw the sample of the Classic Oak Beige, I fell instantly in love and knew it was the one. Even better that the Impressive range has Scratch Guard, meaning it’s highly resistant to scratches associated with pet claws and is also Water Resistant with a repellant HydroSeal Coating for up a period of up to 24hrs. We opted for the Impressive Ultra range based on this, as we knew that we wanted something to withstand daily life and also any spills – we’re a little clumsy in this household!

Additional to being clumsy with spills, we also wanted to ensure we had the same flooring throughout the whole downstairs space for flow and continuity, so it was really important that we picked a floor-type that was suitable for wet areas (like our kitchen and downstairs WC) and the Impressive range we chose is suitable for just that. It’s added peace of mind that is there’s any drips around the sink areas, that the floor is resistant to standing water for up to 24hrs.

Suitable for Wet Areas – including the downstairs loo! (other PR Products in image – Paint)

When the flooring was being installed, I fell in love with it even more – especially after comparing it to our previous laminate flooring (which looks really orange by comparison!). It sealed the deal there that I made the right choice – it’s a gorgeous light tone, with subtle rustic look that would fit with pretty much any decor – win win!

Old vs. New

We used the Quick-Step Unisound Underlay to ensure the laminate had the best-suited base for many years to come. It levels out the subfloor, protects against and rising moisture and reduces sound reflection and impact sound associated with walking on hard floors. It’s also an underlay suited for underfloor heating.

Directly after install – look at those beautiful subtle grooves between the planks!

We’ve now lived with the flooring for nearly 5 months – in short, the Classic Oak Beige Impressive Laminate is a gorgeous product that is not only really lovely to look at but it’s also hugely practical too. I find it very easy to vacuum and clean (just with a lightly damp flat-head mop) – with having two dogs, it’s been a dream having it throughout the downstairs! I also absolutely adore the surface effect, which is subtly textured to mimic a real wood grain – it also has a subtle groove between each plank, which makes the laminate look like a real wood alternative.

In the Corby Craig open-plan kitchen/diner (other PR Products in image – Paint and Radiator)

Quick-Step have a huge range of laminates – personally I would recommend their Impressive Collection based on my own experience with ours but I’m sure if their Impressive Laminates are anything to go by, their other floor-types will be equally great quality too!

If you’d like to see more photos of the flooring in situ, visit my Downstairs Reno at Corby Craig blog post.

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Ad | Using Quick-Step Laminate at Corby Craig

    1. We laid on the original floor boards / screeded floor base (where tiles were previously) – so long as you have an even surface, I think you could lay this on top of existing flooring with the noted underlay in the post – I would seek info from Quick-Step directly though in case it impacts any warranty etc! Hope that helps 🤞🏼


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