Ad | Accessorising your home on a budget with Homesense

AD – This post is in collaboration with Homesense UK – all thoughts, opinions and advice/tips are my own

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I was recently invited by Homesense UK to visit a brand-new store local to me, located in Perth, Scotland – at the St. Catherine’s Retail Park, PH1 5XA. If you know me, or know my page, you’ll know just how much I LOVE Homesense and spend way more time than I should browsing the endless goodies they have in-store. As a true fan, I said ‘ABSOLUTELY’ to the offer and visited the store a few weeks ago – safe to say, it didn’t disappoint.

Homesense asked if I’d like to somehow create a blog post with the overarching theme of the brand, so thought this was a perfect opportunity to show you all why I love the brand so much. Thus, welcome to ‘Accessorising your home on a budget with Homesense’.

To start off, I actually cannot believe how many of you don’t know what Homesense is! I suppose (well, not suppose, I know) that I’m reaaaalllly lucky to have a local store – just 10 mins drive from me at Fort Kinnaird, Edinburgh. I know I’m lucky because I get tonnes of messages from you all who don’t have one so close, cursing me for being so lucky when I post the finds I spot when I visit! There’s a common theme from all your messages I receive re Homesense – that you all want one in your town/city.

Homesense is part of TJX, who also own TKMAXX. It is however completely different to TKMAXX in the way that HS only focusses on home/homewares. Most if not all stock Homesense sell, are ridiculously marked down from their original RRP, making pretty much anything you find, an absolute bargain. That’s not to say it’s like a jumble sale – oh no – you’ll find on-trend items and pieces you never thought you could’ve EVER afforded in Homesense, making it my go-to place for accessories (and pretty much anything and everything home related!).

From my visit to the Perth store, I managed to pick up some gorgeous pieces – which sparked the inspiration to do this theme of blog post as the pieces I picked up were accessories for the house. In my humble opinion, you can never really have too many accessories – especially ones you can inter-change, move and style as and when you please.

The aim of this blog post is to hopefully inspire and create an understanding that you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of cash to make your home stylish or luxurious, bearing in mind you can buy pieces from Homesense that are both unique and usually cheaper than items you’ll find in other major interior stores at your local retail park. I understand wholeheartedly that my tips and style may not suit everyone but hopefully you can take something away from this post!

I have used my bedside table to style the accessories I have written about below but the same styling/accessorising ideas can apply to anywhere such as shelves, storage furniture, console tables, occasional tables and window sills/ledges. I already had some pieces, like the lamp (previous Homesense find!) – it’s really just about what you can do to ‘fill’ a space.

I’ll split these accessory setups into ‘looks’ for easiness!

LOOK 1 – Under £20

You’ll see that I love a little decorative book on the bedside table in some of these photos – mainly because I like the accessories to have a little height and it also adds some character to the table top too. The one I use is actually charity-shop-bought, covered in brown craft paper.

For this look, I used a clear-glass narrow-neck vase I picked up in store for £4.99. There’s something really classy about a clear-glass vase – I love them and they’re SO cheap. I added a couple of eucalyptus sprays at £1.99 each, then added the brushed pewter vase at £4.99 beside the white marble tealight holder, also £4.99. Recreating the look would cost you just under £20.

LOOK 2 – Just over £20

Much the same as Look 1, but if you don’t fancy the £4.99 clear vase, you can use a bottle-neck ceramic vase instead – like this greige colour one – which oozes luxury. This bargain vase was found in their clearance section, just £10.00! In all, with the accessories I’ve itemised above in Look 1, this accessorised look comes in at just over 20 quid.

If the above is too busy for your liking, you can edit the look by removing the smaller pieces to leave just your statement piece:

In this case, the statement piece is the vase but in other cases your statement piece can be pretty much anything that stands out to the eye [usually your largest accessory on the table top].

Even on its own, the vase creates a luxurious, minimalist look – which would cost you just £11.99 [£10 vase plus £1.99 eucalyptus spray] to recreate.

If you like to have a photo frame by your bed, you can always keep your statement piece and add a small frame that doesn’t crowd the space [this one was £5.99]:

In the bedside frame here I have the lyrics to ‘our’ song – which looks nice as a little print!

Here’s the above look, with that book I love so dearly for adding some character to the table top:

The above edit to Look 2 is my favourite!

If you hate greenery and want a completely simple look – remove the greenery. Sometimes a statement vase is just enough to give your space that classy edge and makes the look even cheaper to buy:

By removing the eucalyptus sprays, this simple but effective look would cost you just £15.99 to recreate [£10 vase plus £5.99 frame].

You’ll find that warm tones are back with a bang when it comes to interiors nowadays, with a gradual shift from predominantly grey to a more greige [beige x grey] movement – which has been around a while, just not so much ‘on trend’ – that’s my opinion anyway. I’ve always loved beige, so I couldn’t be happier that warm tones are back in style. It’s the perfect colour for adding a cosy feel to your home.

LOOK 3 – Under £20

I couldn’t be happier with this find. It was in my trolley approx 3 seconds after spotting it. This brushed gold metal sculpture is another statement piece, on the cheap! At just £12.99, it’s a bargain piece of 3D art. Paired with the frame at £5.99, Look 3 costs just £18.98 to recreate.

If you don’t like a frame, and prefer something less in your face, you can pair a sculpture with a small decorative tealight holder – like the marble one I got for £4.99:

Pairing this sculpture and the marble tealight holder would cost you £17.98 to recreate.

You can obviously move the pieces to suit your space [and probably move it around 100 times before you’re happy!] but that’s the beauty of having mixable accessories.

LOOK 4 – Under £70

If you’re feeling a little extra and have a bigger budget for your home accessory hauls, you can go full-out and still pay a reasonable price for an expensive look with Homesense.

I spotted this tall lantern in a brushed brass effect for just £34.99 and had to have it. So in my trolley it went. The vase at £10, eucalyptus sprays at £1.99 each (x2), marble tealight holder at £4.99 and the sculpture at £12.99 makes this look under £70 to recreate.

The great thing about the lantern is that I will literally move it around the house throughout the year. The neutral colour of the metal means it fits in any room in my house, so it was the perfect accessory purchase. As soon as I’m bored of it, I’ll just move it to a new corner. That’s where having neutral decor in your home is a bonus, as you can move accessories from room to room!

The key to being able to mix and match your accessories is sticking to a relatively same-y but complimentary colour palette when buying them. Think about the larger items in your room when selecting your accessories – will it tie in with your sofa, bed, curtains, rug, paint colour? Depending on your taste, you’re more likely to be happier with your choice if it ties in with other items in the room.

That doesn’t mean you have to be boring, you can go wild with the type of frames, sculptures, vases, faux flowers or whatever you buy to show your own style. Hey, if you want your accessories to clash, you do it! I can only dream of being so bold.

Remember to consider the space/surface you’re putting your accessories in/on. Try and have at least a little contrast between the items so they don’t blend in too much, wasting the purpose of having the accessory there in the first place [to stand out].

Whether you like to play it safe [like me] or be a little more adventurous with your interior choices, you can usually find exactly what you need at Homesense.

The best thing is, their stock is always changing. You could go into store on a Monday and if you visit the following Monday, there’s a high chance there’s a bunch of new stock in for you to drool over. As I touched on above, the stock is always very much on-trend and way below RRP – so you’re always likely to find a piece of treasure when you visit [or ten] – I’m legit a serial Homesense shopper now.

I, like many others, don’t have a bottomless bank account [sadly] to buy expensive luxurious items to accessorise my house, so I will always check Homesense if I’m looking for anything in particular to fill a space, first.

If you’ve never been to Homesense, or haven’t been in a while, then you should know that they quite literally FILL their stores during the festive season. Not just with all types of amazing homeware and furniture items, but with thoughtful Christmas gift ideas too for all you Home and Gift lovers out there! It’s my favourite time of year to visit their stores [as their Christmas displays are sha-mazing!].

I hope you’ve found this even a little bit helpful, insightful or even just interesting to read – I bloody loved writing/creating the content for it. Massive thank you to Homesense for inviting me and allowing me to work on this collaborative blog post.

Any questions regarding the above, drop me a line!

Craig x


If you don’t already, you can follow Homesense over on Instagram via their handle: @homesense_ukie

Like me, you can also tag Homesense in any of your finds by using:

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  1. Loved Look 3 under £20 with the sculpture 😍 interesting article this one, must admit I always forget Homesense. Even thought it is only a 20 min drive from where we live. Will definitely check it out soon x

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