Moving House Lists

After hopelessly trying to find a ready-made moving house checklist and timeline, I decided to create my own to suit our own circumstances. Note that we live in Scotland and that everyone’s circumstances are different – so there may be some items contained in the PDF that doesn’t suit your needs. Either way, I hope it helps anyone on the move like us!

The PDF includes an ‘Address Notification List’ plus a ‘Timeline for moving out’ – here’s a few screenshots so you can see what the PDF looks like before downloading:

Craig x


4 thoughts on “Moving House Lists

  1. Wow Craig, what an impressive “how to” in moving house. I’m not even moving and I’m going to keep this and re-read and hand onto any family or friends that might need this. It’s a very thorough and thought out list and helpful tips and you should be proud to have published this.

    I hope your move goes well and I can’t wait to see how you transform your bungalow. Have many happy years there.

    Lots of love to you both xx


  2. I have just printed off the lists, thank you so much. We sold ours 5 weeks ago but still awaiting a date.I have begun to declutter but don’t want to be living out of boxes for weeks on end so no packing yet.
    Thanks again, very thoughtful of you.x


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